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Great Location & Value in New York City Hotels

Enjoy the warm hospitality and service at the Hotel Carter, a unique, inviting departure from traditional hotels in Manhattan. With 700 rooms, all with private baths, you'll get a close up view of New York City's Time Square. You can even catch the spectacular ball drop on New Year's. Located in the heart of the Theatre District and Times Square, with major bus and train lines at our front door, we are half block from the Port Authority bus terminal, and in walking distance from the United Nations, Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue, Macys, the New York City Public Library, Radio City Hall, and every major museum.

No Pets allowed!

Package delivery:
All packages received will be stored for a fee of $5.00 per package per day, payable upon check in or day of receipt. Packages will only be accepted within 5 days of your arrival.
Any package received more than 5 days prior to your arrival will be returned to sender. Hotel is not responsible for the storage and handling of your packages as we are merely providing this service as a convenience to you. We highly recommend that you insure your package before mailing it to the hotel.




Phone: (212)944-6000 - Fax: (212)398-8541 -

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